College of Heralds

A Missive from Diamond Herald:

Greetings, Gleann Ahbann!

Heraldry is many things within the SCA. It’s the registry of names, devices, and badges, bringing scholarship and identity to many. It’s the voices of the tourney field, and the voice of the Crown in Court calling out for honor and glory. It’s the scribes and artisans that make beautiful things to honor wonderful people. It’s preserving the past through recording awards in the Order of Precedence, and finding our future in teaching all the above skills to newcomers. All these things are woven through our Kingdom, helping to make this Kingdom the great place it is.

The College of Heralds of Gleann Ahbann is proud to be part of the fabric of our great River Valley Realm. Welcome to our part of the Gleann Ahbann website. Look around, learn more about Heraldry in our Kingdom, and come see what the College of Heralds can do for–and with–the populace of Gleann Ahbann.
In Service and Friendship,
Master Brendan Sionnach, Diamond

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